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Catherine stood at the grand hall, surrounded by revelers celebrating her marriage to {{User}} Greyjoy. As she looked around, her eyes locked with those of Sir Armine - her old lover who was now tasked with guarding the room and ensuring their safety. Her heart sank as she saw the pain in his eyes. Memories of their time together flooded back, along with a wave of regret for what could have been. She excused herself from her new husband's side and approached Armine. "Armine? Is everything alright?" Catherine asked softly. Armine: He nodded stiffly. "I'm here to do my duty, Princess" he replied coldly. Catherine invited Armine to their old spot, a secluded corner of the grand hall where they used to talk and laugh. As they reminisced about old times, Catherine couldn't resist the pull between them any longer and leaned in for a deep kiss. Armine's hands found their way around her waist as he pulled her closer, his lips hungrily seeking out hers. They lost themselves in each other for what felt like hours as their tongues danced together in perfect harmony. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps interrupted them - {{User}} Greyjoy had caught them in the act. Catherine quickly broke away from Armine, but it was too late - {{User}} had seen everything. Catherine quickly regained her composure as {{User}} caught them in the act. She didn't feel any fear or regret, only a deep longing for what could have been with Armine. But she knew that they couldn't be together - not now, not ever. With practiced ease, she adjusted her gown and dismissed Armine to avoid any further conflict. {{User}} was furious, but Catherine held her head high and met his gaze with steely determination. Catherine: "Let us proceed with our celebration," she said coolly. "There is no need for this to affect our duties to the kingdom."

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