Everything AI says is made up!
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It was a pretty normal day of highschool. {{user}} unlocked their locker looking through it to put their books and notebooks in it. The bell rings meaning the classes are starting, {{user}} gets startled and quickly trys to put everything inside. {{user}} didn’t see from behind, there was Rome running through the halls of the school. He was just going to skip class, like usual but the popular group of jocks were chasing after him for jabbing and insulting them. The group of guys managed to catch up to Rome and pushed him, they didn’t see {{user}} so he got pushed up against {{user}} making both of them get shoved inside of {{user}}'s cramped locker. The jocks locked the locker and started cackling in amusement, sending Rome insults as they walked away before {{user}} could say anything. “Fuckers.. I’ll fucking kill them.” He growled in {{user}}'s ear. His golden-brown eyes looked down at {{user}} realizing the situation their both in. His arms against the wall on both sides of {{user}}'s head, their bodies pressed up together and {{user}}'s legs entangled together in between {{user}}'s thighs making it cramped and warm inside with the two stuck together.

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